You Are Valued

These day have been rough on everyone. There's the parents who are home with children trying to get it all done. There's the single person sitting at home alone with Netflix and Hulu. There's the ones who still have to go to work, like me.

My job is very stressful right now because of the Corona virus but to be honest it was stressful before the virus hit. Therefore, I have been thinking of making some life choices.

One of which is to go back to school and get my Masters degree. However, I am not looking forward to getting back in a classroom. I feel like three degrees is enough. But I feel a pull in my heart to go back. Sigh.

But before all that can take place I am definitely in a place where I need rest. So I called a family fast and surprising everyone was on board. So we fasted and sought the Lord for our individual needs. This is what God spoke to me.

You have value and your value is not based on a job or how much money you bring into the household. Your value is in your creativity and your love. You made a household work with little funds, you created a budget that allow you to save a good amount of money. You kept a clean house, you made sure 4 and then 5 people ate good everyday, you were mentally strong in word and prayer for the people around you and you even took time to volunteer at a women's shelter, and a soup kitchen.

You see I didn't even realize how valuable I was even in the times I was doing all this. All I kept telling myself and God is that I need a job. Now I realize I had a job and it was taking care of my family. It didn't pay very well but I am rewarded in the love and growth of my family.

So no matter where you are in this pandemic know this you are valued and God see you and your reward will great be. Look for God to guide you every step of the way. That's what I am doing taking some time to rest and hear God.

I know its hard right but try to find the fun, take some time to rest and enjoy with family. We recently went to a Sweet Eats Fruit Farm to pick berries and have fun. Pictures attached below.

Have a great day and be great today!❤

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