The Power of a Dream

When you have a dream use the passion inside of you to go after your dream. If you believe you can achieve it then you can. Henry Ford once wrote "Whether you think you can or think you can't --you're right." This mean that whatever you believe will fuel in you the inspiration to do or not to do and if you believe you can, you will and if you believe you can't you will not.

I almost let go of my dream because life started to cloud my vision. It took me having surgery and in the days of recuperating I realized I was fueling the dreams of others but pushed mine so far back to the point where, I could barely see them. In the midst of healing I found my strength to dream again and when I started to dream again I began to like the person I saw because I saw me. I saw the me God created me to be. I made a vow I did not want to go back and I didn't. I thank God that I have a husband, mother, friends, and family who push me toward my dreams.

There is life in your dreams because when you have dreams they will push you to keep going until they are fulfilled. If you never had a dream, then ask God to give you a dream. If you have accomplished your dream, then keep dreaming. Ask God to give you another dream. If you failed at a dream, then ask God to give you the strength to start again. The power belongs to you. Take your power back and start to dream again. I truly believe God will meet you there and not only give you strength but the power to dream again. It's not over. It's not over. You need to read this again. It's not over! And this time with Heaven's backing I speak success and power in your dreams.

Dream again!

It's feel good to dream again.

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