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My emotions are all over the place today. I have gone from joyful to nervous, from excited to humbled, from emotionally to seriousness all within a 4-hour period. The reason for my emotional display is I have been granted to opportunity to write my first book. Well, my second book. The reason this one has me all turned inside out is because this one has been published and is being sold on Amazon.

When I first started this project, I had just had surgery and I was home recuperating. After about a week, I was reminded of the idea of Superhero Chefs. It was about 12 year ago while in culinary school God have me the ideas of these animated characters. I tried to give the idea to another culinary student who was also an artist, but he did not use them, and I moved on and forgot about the characters. Fast-forward to the present, I am lying in bed and these characters come back to mind. I thought to myself, I will just have these characters created and maybe sell them on t-shirts and such. So, I contact my culinary friend again and commissioned him to come up with the drawing. He agreed and sent something back within days.

So happy and satisfied with the characters I said okay let us do these t-shirts. I contacted my bestie, Devara, who is a woman of God, an encourager and a visionary and she said, “Kecia I see a book.”. My response was " Girl, I am not trying to write a book." My friend kept insisting and I was not trying to hear her, so I shut it down.

Two days later, I was driving around town and decided to get a bite to eat and then stop at the park just to think. While sitting in my car eating my burger, I started getting all these ideas for a children's book, so I began to write and write and write. Before you know it, I had the start of the superhero chef’s book. I drove home all excited. When I pulled up in the driveway my husband was sitting outside. I told him I am going to write a children's book.

So, after months of writing, looking for illustrators, reviewing illustrations, copyright, and trademark applications, publishing and prayer we are finally ready to announce the release of The Wonderful Adventures of Chef Sun and Chef Dae Superhero Chefs.

If you would like to celebrate with me by purchasing a book you can do so on Amazon.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with me. It has been a blast!

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