We fell of the wagon. Before people start to talk let me explain.

My husband and I had started a healthy eating plan because of some health issues. However, during the holidays we did not eat healthy. To be honest we ate anything but healthy. I know, I know, shame on us.

What really made me feel really bad about it all is when I notice my husband did not have as much energy as before and he was also sleeping more. The other reason, I decided we needed to get back to eating healthy is the recent death of a friend. We are not sure of the cause of death, but it began to put something back into perspective.

So now we are starting over. Below is some of the lunches I have prepared for my husband this week.

Italian chicken breast served with a Parmesan cream sauce, roasted asparagus, pepper and tomatoes, and whole wheat noodles. Sodium 372 mg

Lime Salmon served with the wild rice blend, roasted vegetable and sauteed spinach. Sodium 340 mg

Along with the meals, I also made my husband some healthy snack which included, fresh vegetable cut in julienne pieces, fresh fruit, and granola that can be used for a yogurt topping or over oatmeal. If you would like any of the recipes or just have some questions comment below.

Your comments help to encourage us to keep going . Live healthy!

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