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This morning, my husband, Rohan, came to me with his blood pressure monitor. I was so impressed with the results, I had to blog about it. About three weeks ago, while at a VA hospital appointment, Rohan found out his blood pressure was high. I think at that time it was 165 over 125. It was so bad the attendant could not finish working with him. Rohan was so upset with himself for allowing his health to slip. Through prayer and talking with one another we decided to really get aggressive and to become more discipline in our eating habits.

As a chef, who cook most southern foods and desserts, I had to start learning to cook healthy meals, ones my husband can also enjoy eating. So, we started researching and finding foods with no or little salt, foods with less or no fat. but we still wanted to food to be tasty. What we have found is with herbs, spices, fresh and different types of vegetables you can come up with healthy meals that are also tasty. Also, using supplements like grape seed extract, vitamin B6 along with his regular medication has helped tremendously. Early this year he was walking every day for weight lost, but the results were not happening, therefore, he has not resumed an exercise routine but he is planning too soon.

Since the changes, his blood pressure average has been around 115 over 88, but this morning it was...drum roll please.

Now, I can't promise you can get these results, but I do know through prayer and discipline you can get a plan that can work for you or your love ones. While you are praying, pray we stay of course with our plan. We will pray for you as well. For we believe in a God that can do things supernaturally, but there is also time when we have a part to play in our healing whether through faith, forgiveness, obedience etc. Talk to God, get a plan and follow through. Also keep a doctor handy. it is good to have someone to validate the miracles God is performing.

Peace and blessings.

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