Curry Chicken

One of the recipes my husband loves to make is Curry Chicken. It is not only one of his favorites but our friends and family loves it as well. Now that we are attempting to eat healthy we decided to prepare it a different way to avoid frying. We seasoned it a little differently, being careful not to add too much salt or seasoning which is high in sodium. We also placed the chicken on a sheet pan to roast the chicken; this process helped to infuse more flavor into the chicken. And instead of stewing the chicken in the sauce, we prepared the sauce on the side to allow others to add as much or little as they like.

Along with the chicken we prepared fried cabbage. Don’t go crazy. It was fried in an organic coconut butter, only about two tablespoons and seasoned. The pictures show exactly what ingredients were placed in the cabbage and the curry chicken. There were no measuring cups or spoons so I cannot give exact amounts of what was added. Lastly, we warmed some leftover rice pilaf cooked with unsalted chicken stock, pepper, onions, celery and garlic.

What made this dinner even more special was when my husband and I sat to eat while listening to Darwin Hobbs’ song Grace playing. At one point, I could not eat thinking about all the Grace God has extended to me and my family. Saying grace took on a whole new turn that night. This song made me truly see just how fortunate we are to have a loving Father who provides everything we need even when we do not deserve it.

So, if you desire to have this recipe please let me know, but most importantly remember grace; it is the most important part of the meal.

Love & Blessings.

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